Goodbye Club Penguin

One last time at the Sleet Dock. Thanks for all the memories, Club Penguin.



Tips on finding Cadence!

Okay guys, for those of you who don’t know, Cadence is out signing autographs for this years puffle party! I have a ton of unapproved comments asking for her location, which is weird to ask, but instead I will be showing you some helpful tips!


Cadence is a pink penguin with purple and pink hair, headphones, a pink an yellow scarf, and pink and yellow bracelets. I think she likes pink…  Heres a picture from 2009’s dance party-

Notice the box on her playercard. If you click it, you will be given a gift, or a background. You will recieve this background below, an at some parties, she gives out the one below it.


Of course, every mascot visits every server, but some, visit others more. Cadence is more of the kind that visits an empty server, but waits for it to fill up so she can party. I think we can all safely say that Cadence is the biggest party addict on the island. So she will more likely go on servers such as icebound, and snowmobile, than servers like Abominable, and yeti.

As for rooms, Cadence limits the ones she visits. At the puffle party, she only visits the town, night club, lounge, and the night club roof. And very oftenly, the puffle circus. At music jam, she can be found at the dock, backstage, the town, the night club, the lounge, and the roof. And at the penguin play awards, she is at the plaza, the pizza parlour, the stage, and backstage.

When you think you may not see her, you might actually have. Cadence is extremely unlike gary. She is always in the center of the crowd, and is the life of the party. For example, when gary gets to big of a crowd, he may move to another part of the island, but cadence, will just go with it. such as this picture here (taken at this years puffle party)


You may wake up one morning and decide to try to find her, but its definately not a good idea. This next fact goes for all mascots. They only come onto english servers at a certain time. When the modertators at Club penguin are asleep, they are usually bots, and are sent around Portugese, and French servers. They start visiting english servers starting at about 7:00 A.M Penguin standard time.

~Other facts~

Starting this year, Cadence has started walking her purple puffle, Who’s name happens to be “Lolz”. Yes, I Lolz’d when I heard that. So if you see someone with a purple puffle, it could be Cadence.

If you still can’t find Cadence, here are some helpful sites to find her!

Http:// Http:// And

Thanks for reading! Tell me if these tips helped you find Cadence!

~Alex Bl 17- Club Penguin Cheats Owner~


Puffle party 2011 cheats

Hey guys!

I can’t believe a year has passed since the last puffle party, and 2 years since the first one! I have always said I had some other favorite parties, but this is ultimately my favorite. So here are all the cheats. Starting with a new login screen!

Now free items, there is a blue puffle hat in the plaza. Be sure to pick it up!

Remember how we couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a orange or red puffle rooms? Well they have been found! Once again, the red puffle IS in the cove, but the orange puffle is in the box dimension where it was discovered! You can enter it in the beach!

Look how cute it is 😀

And introducing, the brown puffle room! Remember? Its in the lounge!

And if you notice off to the left, there is an elevator! We can once again access the roof! But its for members only! So if your a member, get on up and check it out!

Okay, now for another free item! This is also a member only feature, so if your a member, I recomend checking it out! Go down to the ski village, then walk into the puffle show!

This is surely a fantastic party! This is definately something you want to be at, so be sure to head down there and check it out! Whats your favorite room? Mine is yellow puffle 😛 whats yours? Drop us a comment! When I get time I will try to post all the rooms, but thats all the time I have for noe, so until next time, Seeya!

~Alex Bl 17- Club penguin cheats owner~

New pins, new login screen, new Better Igloos Feb. 11′ and igloo music, and puffle party construction!

Hey guys, Alex Bl 17  here! The updates are out, and we got a lot! As always, lets start with the pin! Its a red puffle, and can be found in the hidden lake-

And guess what? Theres ANOTHER pin! A BLUE puffle, at the Lodge Attic!

Next is a new login screen for the Puffle party, which arrives next week!

Next, is the new better igloos! The cheats are all in the red boxes below!

  • Click the letter P for the red puffle poster.
  • Click the letter I for the blue puffle poster.
  • Click the letter C for the black puffle poster.
  • Click the letter T for the purple puffle poster.
  • Click the letter U for the pink puffle poster.
  • Click the letter R for the white puffle poster.
  • Click the letter E for the yellow puffle poster.
  • Click the letter S for the green puffle poster.
  • Those are the only new cheats, but they are totally worth buying! Espeacially that new brown puffle poster!

    With the new igloo catalog, comes New music! So Here is the new music, all in the red boxes!

    The last thing we have is puffle construction. Its all over the island, and each puffle has its own room! They are all the same as last year and the year before, so here they are!

    The lighthouse…

    The Forest is…

    The iceberg is…

    The Mine is…

    The Cave is…

    The NightClub is…

    The Beacon is…

    The Lounge is…

    I wonder why, but there is now red puffle room! Maybe its the pin room? Its usually the cove, but who knows! I dont 😛

    Well, thats everything. If you guys also notice, they emptied the pool! Haha! Whats your favorite color puffle? Mine is either… white, or yellow! Comment yours!

    ~Alex Bl 17- Club penguin cheats owner~

    Penguin Style February 11′ Cheats

    Hey guys! Its The Begining of the month, which means new penguin style! This month, its all about puffles, with new clothes that share your love of puffles! Unfortunately there are not many Cheats, but here are the ones that there are!

    What do you guys think of the new catalog? I Adore the new puffle shirts! How bout’ you drop a comment 😉

    ~Alex Bl 17- Club penguin cheats owner~

    Club penguin “Team Banners” Glitch

    Hey guys! Today I discovered a new glitch on Club penguin! My membership expired today, so I went in my igloo, and remembered Club Penguin had added the Non member boxes, that you click to see your old igloo! so I clicked it, and noticed a strange thing on it. The Team banners (blue team, red team, green team, yellow team) Had an unusually heavy black outline around them! Check it out-

    I wonder how this came to be like this. Any Thoughts? We love to hear them, So Comment!

    ~Alex Bl 17- Club Penguin Cheats owner~

    Field ops Mission #32

    Its that time of the week everyone! The new field op! Open your spy phone and go to the EPF command center, and recieve the information you need to recieve the medal! This filed op will take you to the forest. Walk to the forst, by the rock on the top of the screen, and your spy phone should blink green!

    Play the game, and earn your medal! I you don’t know how, the directions are right here!

    Congrtulations, you have just earned a medal!

    ~Alex Bl 17- Club penguin cheats owner~